Mass Climate Action Network

The Massachusetts Climate Action Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit, fights the climate crisis by building on the energy and enthusiasm of local MCAN chapters.

MCAN’s role as a facilitator of municipal-level action, led by its local partner chapters, is unique among Massachusetts groups. The organization seeks to empower its local chapters by enhancing communication, promoting town level projects that improve communities, decreasing climate change-causing pollution, and reducing development time for those projects.  

Additionally, MCAN speaks on behalf of all our local chapters to influence the development and implementation of state energy and climate policies and programs.

How We Work:

  • Supporting local MCAN chapters to implement change at the municipal level (municipalities have been the most active level of government to fight climate change on a worldwide basis)
  • Advocating at the state and regional level for policies and programs that will benefit municipalities and their citizens
  • Facilitating peer learning and tool-sharing to effectively replicate successful programs from one municipality to the next

Looking to get involved? We want YOU to be a part of the movement!

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